Communication and Collaboration

We will have two projects for this section.

Project 1: Tool Commercial

Promote one web 2.0 tool or an app that can support teaching and learning, especially for communication and collaboration. We will use the software JING to create the video.

DUE DATE: February 8

Project 2: Cross-cultural Communication

Partner List

We will have a cross-cultural communication with a group of Taiwanese college students.  Details will be provided later.  The software we are going to use is VOICETHREAD.

Cross-cultural Communication Project Requirements:

  1. 02/25 American students’ self-intro will be shared with Taiwanese students. (Michael will do this for you!)
  2. 02/25-03/03  Taiwanese students start to do self-introduction and comment on American students’ self-introductions.
  3. 03/04-03/06 Weekly discussion 1 starts.
    Both American and Taiwanese students post images and responses to the three questions by 03/06.
  4. 03/07-03/10  American students need to comment on Taiwanese students’ self-introduction and weekly discussion 1.
  5. 03/11-03/15  Spring Break. Taiwanese students post their weekly discussion 2.
  6. 03/18-03/20 Weekly discussion 3 starts.  Post your images and response to the guiding questions by 03/20.
  7. 03/21-03/24   American students respond to weekly discussion 2 and 3 (they will be different threads).
  8. Every week, you will get the discussion questions on Monday. Post your comments and the images before we meet in class on Wednesday.  Then join the discussion from Thursday to Sunday.

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