Learning Adventure Presentation Day 2

Today’s treat is the Taiwanese style tea eggs.  I use black tea bags, some spices and soy sauce to make it.  It’s very popular in Taiwan.  Hope you like it!


Michael won’t be here today.  He wants me to tell you that he and I will start to grade your cross-cultural communication project this Friday.  If you haven’t completed some comments, please complete them.


Today we are going to have another three groups to present in 1220 class.  For the 1325 class, we need to sneak in at least four groups.  Let’s do it!

1220 CLASS

Brandon, Maurice and Zach– Make a Pop-up Book

Kaita and Evan– How to Make Pop-Rocks?

Jennifer and Joy

1325 CLASS

Brandon and Jack– Healthy Relationship Advice

Logan and Wes– How Can Fiction Convey Truth?

Antonio and Rebeka

Andrew and Matthew

Megan and Stephanie– Modern Slavery


  1. Get prepared for the presentation this Friday!
  2. Work on the last reflection about technology integration after this semester.
  3. Write a paragraph about what you have learned and the suggestions for this class in your e-portfolio.
  4. Review others’ e-portfolio.

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