Learning Adventure Presentation


Each of you will get several evaluation sheets.  Please listen to your peers’ presentation carefully and evaluate their learning adventure project fairly and critically.  Your evaluation will worth 50% of the total score for this project.  I will take out the highest one and the lowest one from your peers.

1220 Class

Ana, Rachael– How to Make Ice Cream

Brandon, Maurice and Zach– Make a Pop-up Book

Ricky and Vaibhav– How to Apply for College

Jennifer and Joy

Vanessa and Kelly

Evan and Kaita

Emma and Eva

David and Patrina

1325 Class

Brandon and Jack

Logan and Wes

Antonio and Rebeka

Andrew and Matthew

Megan and Stephanie

Lauren T. and Lindsey

Emily and Malia

Brittney and Lauren F.

Isaac and John



  1. Please write a paragraph about what you have learned in EDIT 2000 on your home page in your e-portfolio.  Which activity should stay?  Which activity should be changed?  Which activity should be removed?
  2. Review your peers’ e-portfolio.  The winner of the e-portfolio will win a 15 dollar TJMaxx gift card.
  3. The last reflection: Reflect on technology integration in education.  What do you think about technology integration now?  Do you have any changes in what you stated in the first two reflections this semester?  Why are the changes?  If you can have a lot of resources in the future, how will you design your class?This reflection is due April 29. 

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