Last Day of EDIT 2000

If you come to class early, please help us complete the feedback form of Cross-cultural communication project.  Thanks!

1220 Cross-cultural Communication Project Feedback

1325 Cross-cultural Communication Project Feedback


1220 Class, you all did a great job in this project.  I will finish grading this week.

1325 Class, we still have two groups that needs to present.

Lauren F. and Brittney– Drink Responsibly

Isaac and John– How to Make Food Art


We are going to evaluate each other’s e-portfolio now.  Please take a look at your peers’ e-portfolio and choose the best 2 in your mind.  DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!


  • Make sure that you finish everything before you say goodbye to me today.  I will finish grading this week.  Please expect to see your grades in Oasis next week.

  • Register for Gretchen’s classes!  Those classes are awesome!EDIT 4020 – the non-ed class with the “Big Project”EDIT 4180 – online mentoring with elementary students using Edmodo

    EDIT 5500 – Technology Tools for CMSD majors

  • Another good class!EDIT4500/6500 Digital Video in Education
    Maymester 2013
    call# 90-018/00-019
    3 credit hours
    Instructor: Ikseon Choi, ichoi@uga.edu
  • If you like this class, invite your friends to take EDIT 2000!  I will still be teaching.  🙂
  • My final thank-you note:

I truly will miss you all 35 great students I have this semester.  Thank you all for giving me a wonderful semester!  You are all amazing!  I will remember all your fantastic ideas and creativity shown in your projects.  Your reflections give me more ideas to make education better.  Someday you will be a teacher or an educator as well.  I hope you will remember your passion and keep being the light in education to help others grow. Wish you all a brilliant future! In Chinese, we say that being your teacher one day is like being your father all your life.  I am not your father, but I am your friend all the time.”

Learning Adventure Presentation Day 3 and GIFT Day!

I know you are excited about the gifts!  But let us finish the presentations first!


1220 CLASS

Vanessa and Kelly– What Will Soda Do to Your Health?

Emma and Eva– Essential Manners

David and Patrina– How to Find Scholarship?

1325 CLASS

Megan and Stephanie– What Is Modern Day Slavery?

Lauren T. and Lindsey– What Makes Popcorn Pop?

Emily and Malia– Do You Have Manners?



We are expected to have high ratio in the end-of-semester eval.  Therefore, I want to put it between our two activities…so you have about 10 minutes to complete the evaluation for the College of Education.  Just click the link.  You can use your MyID to log in and then you will see EDIT 2000.  Thanks for your help!

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 11.08.26 PM


You are supposed to complete all the comments in VoiceThread by now.  So, let’s open the gifts!!


  1. Work on the last reflection about technology integration and post in your blog by next Monday.
  2. Write a paragraph about what you have learned and the suggestions for this class in your e-portfolio before you come to class next Monday.
  3. Review others’ e-portfolio.
  4. Bring food and friends for next Monday!
  5. If you need to revise any assignment that you didn’t get full points or turn in any late assignment, they are all DUE NEXT MONDAY before you leave EDIT 2000!

Learning Adventure Presentation Day 2

Today’s treat is the Taiwanese style tea eggs.  I use black tea bags, some spices and soy sauce to make it.  It’s very popular in Taiwan.  Hope you like it!


Michael won’t be here today.  He wants me to tell you that he and I will start to grade your cross-cultural communication project this Friday.  If you haven’t completed some comments, please complete them.


Today we are going to have another three groups to present in 1220 class.  For the 1325 class, we need to sneak in at least four groups.  Let’s do it!

1220 CLASS

Brandon, Maurice and Zach– Make a Pop-up Book

Kaita and Evan– How to Make Pop-Rocks?

Jennifer and Joy

1325 CLASS

Brandon and Jack– Healthy Relationship Advice

Logan and Wes– How Can Fiction Convey Truth?

Antonio and Rebeka

Andrew and Matthew

Megan and Stephanie– Modern Slavery


  1. Get prepared for the presentation this Friday!
  2. Work on the last reflection about technology integration after this semester.
  3. Write a paragraph about what you have learned and the suggestions for this class in your e-portfolio.
  4. Review others’ e-portfolio.

Learning Adventure Presentation


Each of you will get several evaluation sheets.  Please listen to your peers’ presentation carefully and evaluate their learning adventure project fairly and critically.  Your evaluation will worth 50% of the total score for this project.  I will take out the highest one and the lowest one from your peers.

1220 Class

Ana, Rachael– How to Make Ice Cream

Brandon, Maurice and Zach– Make a Pop-up Book

Ricky and Vaibhav– How to Apply for College

Jennifer and Joy

Vanessa and Kelly

Evan and Kaita

Emma and Eva

David and Patrina

1325 Class

Brandon and Jack

Logan and Wes

Antonio and Rebeka

Andrew and Matthew

Megan and Stephanie

Lauren T. and Lindsey

Emily and Malia

Brittney and Lauren F.

Isaac and John



  1. Please write a paragraph about what you have learned in EDIT 2000 on your home page in your e-portfolio.  Which activity should stay?  Which activity should be changed?  Which activity should be removed?
  2. Review your peers’ e-portfolio.  The winner of the e-portfolio will win a 15 dollar TJMaxx gift card.
  3. The last reflection: Reflect on technology integration in education.  What do you think about technology integration now?  Do you have any changes in what you stated in the first two reflections this semester?  Why are the changes?  If you can have a lot of resources in the future, how will you design your class?This reflection is due April 29. 

Learning Adventure Day 5


Do you have any question about the discussion this week?  Please let us know what bothers you.


Today we are going to work on the last two sections: Parent Teacher Letter and Author Introduction.  Bu I also want to talk about how you are going to present next week and what should you have for the presentation.


In this section, you will write a letter to parents/teachers with the following in mind:

  • An introduction to the adventure for parents: purpose of activities, helpful hints, materials needed, what sections need parental guidance, opportunities for extension (field trips, additional books, etc.), include a list of book titles that relate to the question.
  • Rather than simply listing what you find on Amazon – search the Athens library and the CMC – find good books, not just books on the topic.
  • Include LEARNING OBJECTIVES: use national standards, not state standards.  If you really can’t find a good objective, or you feel that you want the kids to achieve some goals that are not responding to the GPS standards.  Then you can write your own goals.


In your video you will want to tell about yourself and why you choose this topic.  It does NOT to be a long video.  You can use iMovie to record or use your smartphone.  Then you need to sign in on YouTube by using your Google account.  Please make sure that the video is set as PUBLIC.

Uploading your video to youtube is the easiest way to embed it onto your adventure’s introduction page.  Once you have your video in YouTube, copy the URL of the video and go to your “Author Introduction” page and choose “insert”.  You need to choose “Video” and then “YouTube”.  Then you need to paste the YouTube link you copied earlier.  You’ll just see a yellow box on your page; but once you save the page you should be able to view your video.


You have created a new site for this project and you need to make a page to describe this Learning Adventure Project in your e-portfolio before your presentation. So…pay attention:

1. To turn it in, you will need to create a new page on your e-portfolio and name the page “Learning Adventure”. Then, write a short description of your Learning Adventure (at least 2 paragraphs).

2. Double-check your learning adventure with the rubric.  All group members should do this – make sure everything is covered.

3. Checklist:

  • The tone you use:  Make sure that you are like talking to your future students in each section, except for the parent teacher letter.
  • Try to be explicit about how each section is related to the previous or next section. Remember that each section should guide the next section.
  • For the Inquire section, all the questions do not need to be essential questions; try to include questions that stimulate students’ curiosity as well.  And if you think this section can go with either your author introduction or the Hook, you can do it.
  • The Hook section helps students feel motivated to participate in this project and get familiar with the topic by learning about interesting facts related to the topic and playing fun games relevant to the topic.
  • In the Organize section, make sure you provide a clear direction on how students should use the graphic organizer (e.g., “Download the graphic organizer and complete it while you explore in the  next section.“). Your advance organizer should be original – not from a template.  DO NOT just ask students to download the organizer without any description, unless you have a very detailed organizer like the example “You Are What You Eat”.
  • In the Explore section, clearly state what students are supposed to do with each website. Be explicit about what you want your students to learn from each site.

Now, if you don’t have any question, we need to do two things:

1) submit your learning adventure site URL to me.



2) decide the order of the presentation.  One of you will come here to play the game to decide the order of your presentation.


  • Prepare food for the showcase day!  Sign up for the food today!

1220 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)

1325 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)



  • Complete your Learning Adventure Site
  • Prepare for the presentation of your Learning Adventure
  • Work on your weekly discussion in VoiceThread



Learning Adventure Day 4

If you haven’t signed up for the food sharing, please fill out the form!  Thanks!

1220 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)

1325 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)


I finally can see all your comments again!  Please complete the discussion for last week and this week.  If you still feel it is hard to express some abstract ideas, please talk to me or Michael.  Thanks!


I want to talk about the Google site construction a little bit.  If you haven’t construct a Google site for your project, please do. If you have another choice, please let me know.


It is the same as the way you construct your e-portfolio and almost every group has constructed.  Therefore, we just need to work on the navigation bar settings.  Many of you are probably wondering why your pages are showing up in alphabetical order rather than the order you intentionally designed. Because we want to create ease in navigation on the site, it is important to organize our navigation bar.  The order that we have been talking about is as follows:

  • Author Introduction (video)
  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know
  • Apply (Finding a Career)
  • Parent/Teacher Letter

You may have chosen slightly different titles to describe you pages and that is perfectly fine.

If you have question in adjusting the sidebars, please let me know and I will help you change.

Make sure that you:

  • share it with your partner – you need to make your partner an owner of the site (I will show you how in class)
  • choose the title of your site to reflect the nature of your adventure.
  • adjust your navigation bar to reflect the sections in the rubric.

If you don’t have any question with the site construction, let’s move on to the next two sections: Organize and Apply.


Organizing the Investigation for Students

Now we’re going to create a chart for students to organize information – this could be a KWL chart, a cause and effect chart, etc. It is best if it becomes a tool to help them navigate through all of the parts of the adventure – so they know where to go and what to do in each section.

This will serve as a “to do” list. Use age appropriate graphics. Let’s look at some ways to help students organize information. You may find something you like on this teacher site, you may choose to create an organizer using DabbleboardWebspiration, or even using Word. This is up to you and your group. You can also look at some examples from former projects, such as theHealth Adventure: You Are What You Eat and the Adventure in the Wilderness.

After you’ve selected or created an organizer for your investigation, include a write up on your Google Site for students. Just posting an organizer isn’t enough. You need to write to the students, explaining what they are going to do with it. Do you want them to print it? If so, you need to tell them. Let’s take some time in class now to select/create an organizer and write directions for students.


In this section, you

  • Give children information on answering these types of questions as a career. (Example: sound: audiologist, musician; weather: meteorologist, climatologist, etc.)
  • Link to sites about the career, conduct a brief interview with someone in the field – include a picture if possible.


  • Prepare food for the showcase days!


  • Think about the “Parent Teacher Letter” and “Author Introduction” sections


  • Complete the “Show What You Know”, “Hook”, “Explore”, “Organize” and “Apply” sections in the learning adventure project
  • Work on your weekly discussion in VoiceThread