Learning Adventure Presentation Day 3 and GIFT Day!

I know you are excited about the gifts!  But let us finish the presentations first!


1220 CLASS

Vanessa and Kelly– What Will Soda Do to Your Health?

Emma and Eva– Essential Manners

David and Patrina– How to Find Scholarship?

1325 CLASS

Megan and Stephanie– What Is Modern Day Slavery?

Lauren T. and Lindsey– What Makes Popcorn Pop?

Emily and Malia– Do You Have Manners?



We are expected to have high ratio in the end-of-semester eval.  Therefore, I want to put it between our two activities…so you have about 10 minutes to complete the evaluation for the College of Education.  Just click the link.  You can use your MyID to log in and then you will see EDIT 2000.  Thanks for your help!

Screen shot 2012-11-29 at 11.08.26 PM


You are supposed to complete all the comments in VoiceThread by now.  So, let’s open the gifts!!


  1. Work on the last reflection about technology integration and post in your blog by next Monday.
  2. Write a paragraph about what you have learned and the suggestions for this class in your e-portfolio before you come to class next Monday.
  3. Review others’ e-portfolio.
  4. Bring food and friends for next Monday!
  5. If you need to revise any assignment that you didn’t get full points or turn in any late assignment, they are all DUE NEXT MONDAY before you leave EDIT 2000!

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