Last Day of EDIT 2000

If you come to class early, please help us complete the feedback form of Cross-cultural communication project.  Thanks!

1220 Cross-cultural Communication Project Feedback

1325 Cross-cultural Communication Project Feedback


1220 Class, you all did a great job in this project.  I will finish grading this week.

1325 Class, we still have two groups that needs to present.

Lauren F. and Brittney– Drink Responsibly

Isaac and John– How to Make Food Art


We are going to evaluate each other’s e-portfolio now.  Please take a look at your peers’ e-portfolio and choose the best 2 in your mind.  DO NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF!


  • Make sure that you finish everything before you say goodbye to me today.  I will finish grading this week.  Please expect to see your grades in Oasis next week.

  • Register for Gretchen’s classes!  Those classes are awesome!EDIT 4020 – the non-ed class with the “Big Project”EDIT 4180 – online mentoring with elementary students using Edmodo

    EDIT 5500 – Technology Tools for CMSD majors

  • Another good class!EDIT4500/6500 Digital Video in Education
    Maymester 2013
    call# 90-018/00-019
    3 credit hours
    Instructor: Ikseon Choi,
  • If you like this class, invite your friends to take EDIT 2000!  I will still be teaching.  🙂
  • My final thank-you note:

I truly will miss you all 35 great students I have this semester.  Thank you all for giving me a wonderful semester!  You are all amazing!  I will remember all your fantastic ideas and creativity shown in your projects.  Your reflections give me more ideas to make education better.  Someday you will be a teacher or an educator as well.  I hope you will remember your passion and keep being the light in education to help others grow. Wish you all a brilliant future! In Chinese, we say that being your teacher one day is like being your father all your life.  I am not your father, but I am your friend all the time.”


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