Learning Adventure Day 4

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1220 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)

1325 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)


I finally can see all your comments again!  Please complete the discussion for last week and this week.  If you still feel it is hard to express some abstract ideas, please talk to me or Michael.  Thanks!


I want to talk about the Google site construction a little bit.  If you haven’t construct a Google site for your project, please do. If you have another choice, please let me know.


It is the same as the way you construct your e-portfolio and almost every group has constructed.  Therefore, we just need to work on the navigation bar settings.  Many of you are probably wondering why your pages are showing up in alphabetical order rather than the order you intentionally designed. Because we want to create ease in navigation on the site, it is important to organize our navigation bar.  The order that we have been talking about is as follows:

  • Author Introduction (video)
  • Inquire
  • Hook
  • Organize
  • Explore
  • Show What You Know
  • Apply (Finding a Career)
  • Parent/Teacher Letter

You may have chosen slightly different titles to describe you pages and that is perfectly fine.

If you have question in adjusting the sidebars, please let me know and I will help you change.

Make sure that you:

  • share it with your partner – you need to make your partner an owner of the site (I will show you how in class)
  • choose the title of your site to reflect the nature of your adventure.
  • adjust your navigation bar to reflect the sections in the rubric.

If you don’t have any question with the site construction, let’s move on to the next two sections: Organize and Apply.


Organizing the Investigation for Students

Now we’re going to create a chart for students to organize information – this could be a KWL chart, a cause and effect chart, etc. It is best if it becomes a tool to help them navigate through all of the parts of the adventure – so they know where to go and what to do in each section.

This will serve as a “to do” list. Use age appropriate graphics. Let’s look at some ways to help students organize information. You may find something you like on this teacher site, you may choose to create an organizer using DabbleboardWebspiration, or even using Word. This is up to you and your group. You can also look at some examples from former projects, such as theHealth Adventure: You Are What You Eat and the Adventure in the Wilderness.

After you’ve selected or created an organizer for your investigation, include a write up on your Google Site for students. Just posting an organizer isn’t enough. You need to write to the students, explaining what they are going to do with it. Do you want them to print it? If so, you need to tell them. Let’s take some time in class now to select/create an organizer and write directions for students.


In this section, you

  • Give children information on answering these types of questions as a career. (Example: sound: audiologist, musician; weather: meteorologist, climatologist, etc.)
  • Link to sites about the career, conduct a brief interview with someone in the field – include a picture if possible.


  • Prepare food for the showcase days!


  • Think about the “Parent Teacher Letter” and “Author Introduction” sections


  • Complete the “Show What You Know”, “Hook”, “Explore”, “Organize” and “Apply” sections in the learning adventure project
  • Work on your weekly discussion in VoiceThread

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