Learning Adventure Day 3

Hope you had a good weekend!  Did any of you go to the concert?  How was it?

We have tried some Taiwanese food this semester.  It’s your turn now!  I want you to take 5 minutes to think about what you are going to bring for the class to try in the showcase and open house week.  Please complete the form.  Thanks!

1220 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)

1325 CLASS   (See what others are bringing HERE)


Do you prefer individual work or group work? Please explain why.
Depending on your preference, what was your favorite/impressive individual/group work in college? Please briefly describe the work.
In college, do your instructors assign more individual work or group work?
What values or principles did your parents teach you that you believe are very important?”
Imagine if your foreign students are coming to visit you for a short period of time, where would you take them so that they can truly embrace your culture and why?


Most of you got the essential question(s) and the “Show What You Know” section done during the weekend.  Some of you still need to think about what product you want your students to create.  Keep working on it if you haven’t got it done.

Today we will move on to the next two sections in this project: Hook and Explore


Think about lessons in school that really hooked you in, or made you want to engage in the lesson. The task and hook work hand in hand to focus the students on the learner outcomes. Designing the task and hook is a balancing act between providing the students with a direction and purpose, but not directing them with steps to follow or a menu of choices. The hook is just what it sounds like. It is a way to compel the students to want or need to know and learn the content the teacher has included in the project.

Some questions to think about:

  • Who owns the problem presented?
  • How does this problem relate to the student?
  • Does the task or problem pass the “so what” test?
  • Do the students have input as to how the task is approached?
  • Are there multiple solutions for the task?
  • Does the problem seem authentic for the student?
  • From (http://ed.fnal.gov/lincon/act/el/ml_taskhook.shtml)

The Anticipatory Set

  • Give some facts, interesting websites, additional questions, etc. – this is considered the anticipatory set – the part of the adventure where you get students excited about the question.
  • Include an appropriate online game or activity related to your question – don’t just provide a link – give students something specific to do
  • If appropriate for your topic – create a small gallery of photos that fit the question. But give students something to do with the pictures – or encourage them to create a photo album of their own pictures related to the question.


Now you have already created an essential question, a hook, the idea for final product and maybe the graphic organizer.  We are going to explore more about the topic.  Your students might use the “Get Organized” graphic organizer – or there might be an additional one for this section. Your group will need to provide a list of websites that are age-appropriate. Be sure you are not just listing websites, but describing the relevant sites and giving student something to do when they enter a site.  Also, please notice that these websites are your selections, not Google’s selections.  Please DO NOT give me the first five websites you get from any search engine.

Where can you go to find interactive games and resources to use in this section and the “Explore” section?  We’ll look at Thinkfinity – which is an appropriate resource regardless of grade or subject area.


  • Prepare food for the showcase day!


  • Think about the “Apply” and “Organize” sections


  • Create a new Google Site for your Learning Adventure Project (with the title of your learning adventure topic)
  • Complete the “Show What You Know”, “Hook” and “Explore” sections in the learning adventure project
  • Work on your weekly discussion in VoiceThread

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