Stop Animation Presentation


Some of you haven’t posted your comments for this week.  Please do it before 12 pm tomorrow.  If you have any question, grab the chance when Michael is with us today!

Weekly Discussion Questions

What kinds of transportation are used by students in the other country at school and outside of school?
 What do you think the college classroom look like in the other country?
 What does your college classroom look like?
What kind of technology do your instructors use in class?
What kind of technology do you use to complete assignments in college classes? (Example: Desktop computer, Notebook, Ipad, Cell Phone)


We will have two groups present their stop animation project today.  Please give them some suggestion or feedback after their presentation!

1220 CLASS

The Water Cycle

States of Matter 


1325 CLASS

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly


  • Keep being creative!!
  • Think about a problem that needs to be solved in your life.


  • Read this section on copyright.  (only 2 pages!)
  • Think about how you are going to talk about copy right issue with your students in the future.   You need to write at least two paragraphs about:
    • What you have learned from reading the section on copyright?
    • After making your own stop animation video, how do you see the importance of copyright?
    • How will you teach your future students about copy right and fair use issue?

This will be due next Monday (April 1) in your blog.

  • If you have presented your stop animation project, please create a new page in your e-portfolio named “Stop Animation Project” and insert your presentation link there.
  • Complete commenting (type, record, video-record) on your American partner, Taiwanese partners’ self-intro and the first two discussion.
  • Work on your weekly discussion in VoiceThread.

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