Stop Animation Project Presentation


Some of you haven’t posted your comments for this week.  Please do it before 12 pm tomorrow.  If you have any question, grab the chance when Michael is with us today!

Weekly Discussion Questions

  • How would you define “beauty”? [Provide at least one personal image]
  • How would you do to make yourself beautiful or handesome and why? [Provide at least one personal image. For example, do you like to whiten your skin or put on colon/perfume?]
  • What type of outfits do you wear at school and outside of school? [Provide at least two personal image.Showing us your fashion]
  • What is your favorite holiday and why? [Provide at least one personal image.
  • What did you do during spring break and describe what you did? [For US students only, provide at least one personal image of some of the things you did during that time]


We will have two groups present their stop animation project today.  Please give them some suggestion or feedback after their presentation!

1220 CLASS

The Life of a Tree

States of Matter 

1325 CLASS

How to Make Cookies

The Life Cycle of a Butterfly



  • Keep being creative!!
  • Think about a problem that needs to be solved in your life.



  • If you haven’t send me the link to your presentation and your video, please send it to me ASAP.
  • Complete commenting (type, record, video-record) on your American partner, Taiwanese partners’ self-intro.
  • Complete Week 1 Discussion (1220– optional) and week 3 discussion.




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