Stop Animation Work Day (LAST ONE)

How was your spring break?  Hope you all had fun and got some work done!


Today is the LAST workday for your stop animation.  Some of you need to record your narration, others need to work on editing, and still others need to re-take pictures (sadly)…please let me know what you need and we will make you complete the task.

Most of you have completed editing.  So I will help you move to the next stage–  prepare for the presentation.

You have got the video in your YouTube channel and I have provided the guding questions already…so you just need to make it public!

Here are the guiding questions again:

  1. Which grade level?
  2. What is the subject?
  3. What is the Georgia Performance Standard that you are using to create this instructional video?
  4. How might this video help students to understand the concept?
  5. How are you going to evaluate the students’ understanding?
  6. What are the difficulties that you have encountered in this project?
  7. Do you like this project? Why or why not?
  8. Do you think this idea is good for students’ creativity development? Why or why not?
  9. How can we improve this project?
  10. What are the merits and pitfalls of this kind of project?

We all learned a lot of tools in the infomercial project.  I want you guys to try it!  Therefore, I give you a few choices.  You just need to choose one presentation tool and make a presentation including the stop animation you made and the answers to all the guiding questions.  However, I DO NOT want to see Q&A style.  Don’t give me bulletin points.  Make your thoughts alive!  This requires you to be creative!

Here are the choices of the presentation tools:

  1. Glogster  (most popular one among school library media specialist)
  2. Prezi (most popular among scholars and researchers)
  3. SlideRocket (quite popular among teachers)
  4. Empressr (popular from Google search)
  5. Google Presentation/ Google site (what you are already familiar with)

We will start to present the stop animation project this Wednesday.  I will decide the order based on each team’s progress and let you know before you leave today.  So just keep working on your project!


Weekly Discussion Questions

  • How would you define “beauty”? [Provide at least one personal image]
  • How would you do to make yourself beautiful or handesome and why? [Provide at least one personal image. For example, do you like to whiten your skin or put on colon/perfume?]
  • What type of outfits do you wear at school and outside of school? [Provide at least two personal image.Showing us your fashion]
  • What is your favorite holiday and why? [Provide at least one personal image.
  • What did you do during spring break and describe what you did? [For US students only, provide at least one personal image of some of the things you did during that time]



  • Keep being creative!!


  • Respond to your Taiwanese partners (self-introduction/ week one discussion)


  • Prepare for your stop animation project presentation.
  • Work on your cross-cultural communication project weekly discussion.

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