Wrap up for Communication



  1. 02/25 American students’ self-intro will be shared with Taiwanese students. (Michael will do this for you!)
  2. 02/25-03/03  Taiwanese students start to do self-introduction and comment on American students’ self-introductions.
  3. 03/04-03/06 Weekly discussion 1 starts.
    Both American and Taiwanese students post images and responses to the three questions by 03/06.
  4. 03/07-03/10  American students need to comment on Taiwanese students’ self-introduction and weekly discussion 1.
  5. 03/11-03/15  Spring Break. Taiwanese students post their weekly discussion 2.
  6. 03/18-03/20 Weekly discussion 3 starts.  Post your images and response to the guiding questions by 03/20.
  7. 03/21-03/24   American students respond to weekly discussion 2 and 3 (they will be different threads).
  8. Every week, you will get the discussion questions on Monday. Post your comments and the images before we meet in class on Wednesday.  Then join the discussion from Thursday to Sunday.


The last thing you need to know about communication in education is the various kinds of communication among different groups.  This is your sixth reflection  (original plan).  Please post your reflection on your blog.

Group 1: Communication with Parents

Read this review and watch this video.  Several tools are recommended to help teacher-parent communication.  After reading and watching these two excerpts, tell me the advantages and defects about these tools from your perspective.   Then choose two tools that you think you will use in your classroom and how you are going to use it to communicate with parents. (At least two paragraphs with meaningful sentences).

Group 2: Communication with Other Teachers

Write a paragraph to describe your understanding about teacher collaboration or whether you have techers who collaborated in your past learning experience.  Then watch this video and read this article.  After complete the 2 tasks, write another paragraph to elaborate your understanding about teacher collaboration and how you are going to collaborate with other teachers in the future.

Group 3: Communication with Library Media Specialists

Read this article (you need the library Galileo password which you can find on the webpage of the UGA library).  Do you know about school library media specialists before?  Have you ever met one?  How do you think that you can possibly work with them in the future?  Except for your review and feedback to this article, you should also include a short lesson plan that you want to work with library media specialists.

Group 4: Communication with the World

Read this article and this article with a video clip embedded.  Think about how you can help your students or yourself to communicate with other learners and teachers around the world.  The second one may not be a good enough example; however, the assistive technology helps special education children broaden their horizon and connect to others.  It is an important way for children of special needs to learn how to communicate and collaborate with others.  After reading these two articles, tell me and write a short plan that you are going to use to help yourself and your students to communicate with others around the world.

Group 5: Lesson Planning (Think Like a Teacher, TLAT Project)

Identify a Georgia Performance Standard for your subject area/grade level that requires students to communicate and/or collaborate. Create a lesson plan that provides students with the opportunity to use technology to support learning your selected GPS Standard. Here is the writing guide.  Please download it as a Word document and then edit it.  Don’t send me the Google Doc link.


  • Try something that you have never tried before. It might be a new recipe or a new activity.  Or it can be a new way to solve a problem that has bothered you or your friends for a long time. Be CREATIVE!


  • Read p.3-p.10 in Horizon Report.  You can find the document in our shared folder.  There are two versions.  If you are interested in knowing the tech trends in K-12 Education, choose to read that one.  If you are interested in knowing tech trends in higher education, like where you are, choose the other one.  The guiding questions have been posted in the project page.  Please post your reflection by midnight on March 1.
  • Prepare for discussion 1– sports.  Find images about the popular sports in Taiwan/ what American sports can be popular in Taiwan/ and the sport you are good at.


  • Work on your 6th reflection on communication by Wednesday (Feb. 27).
  • COMPLETE your self-introduction in VoiceThread.  If you haven’t completed it yet by today, you owe me a late pass.

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