Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop


I’ve shared a individual Google doc with each of you with my feedback to your assignment.  Please check the document and let me know whether you have any concern.  If there is any issue, please come to see me after class or email me.

I personally enjoy having a dialogic classroom.  That’s why I give you a lot of feedback…if you’d love to respond to me, feel free to comment on the Google doc and have a dialogue with me.


You might have a little bit idea about what we are going to do in this project.  Simply put, we will give you a topic every week and you need to find 1 to 3 images related to that topic and upload to VoiceThread.  Then you have a week to discuss all the images and the topic with your partners.  For example, the first topic is about sports.  You need to think about the following questions and find images to support your argument.

  • What do you think is the  most popular sport in Taiwan?  [provide at least one image with comment in VoiceThread. Use your own picture (preferred) or online image]
  • What sport are you good at? (one image per sport. Use your own picture)
  • What sport in America is also popular in Taiwan?  [after viewing your partner’s comment, provide at least one image with your own comment in the same thread. Use your own picture (preferred) or online image]

Facebook Group

If you want to interact with your partner more, you are welcome to join the optional Facebook group.  You can ask more questions there.  Or you can post more pictures or have more discussion about the topics are not chosen by the research team.

1220 Facebook Group

1325 Facebook Group

Any other question?  Feel free to ask Michael or me!


Thanks to Wes, we have a little bit understanding about VoiceThread.  Now, we are going to try it!

Please go to VoiceThread and create an account.

Then we will show you how to create your self-introduction thread.

Before you leave today, please complete this form for us to keep a record of your self-intro in VoiceThread.   You can keep working on the thread.  It won’t influence the link.

1220 Self-Intro VoiceThread Link Form

1325 Self-Intro VoiceThread Link Form


  • Read p.3-p.10 in Horizon Report.  You can find the document in our shared folder.  There are two versions.  If you are interested in knowing the tech trends in K-12 Education, choose to read that one.  If you are interested in knowing tech trends in higher education, like where you are, choose the other one.  The guiding questions have been posted in the project page.  Please post your reflection by midnight on March 1.


  • Think about a some sports that are popular in America…and also take some pictures about the sport you choose.  This will be the first topic in our cross-cultural communication project. More details will be provided this Wednesday.


  • Finish your self-introduction in VoiceThread.  Then we will share those with Taiwanese partners next week.

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