Cross-Cultural Communication Workshop


Let’s finish watching the last few infomercials and then we can have the vote.  Before that, I just want to say that you guys are so awesome!  I enjoy watching all your infomercials.  And I read a few people’s descriptions…your infomercials are even more alive with the description!

I want to thank you all for stepping out of your comfort zone and try some new technology tools.  All your trials make this project a better one!  You are really my favorite students!  🙂

Here’s the voting list:

1220 Infomercial Award

1325 Infomercial Award


After the meeting on Monday night, I have more concrete ideas and understanding about the project.  However, it will be nice to have the designer of the project to come and talk to you all about the details.  So, I invite Michael to come to unveil the “mystery” to all of you today.

Michael Tsao is a doctoral student in Learning, Design and Technology program at UGA.  He is interested in conducting cross-cultural communication in higher education to help student broaden their horizon.  Also, he is interested in knowing more about the advantages and barriers in cross-cultural communication in order to help more learners in the future.

Our sister school in Taiwan is National Hsinchu University of Education.  Our e-pals are students in the Freshman English in Dr. Grace Chien’s class.

Today Michael will give a short introduction about this project.  Please feel free to ask him any question you have about this project.  We will learn how to use VoiceThread this Friday.


  • Read p.3-p.10 in Horizon Report.  You can find the document in our shared folder.  There are two versions.  If you are interested in knowing the tech trends in K-12 Education, choose to read that one.  If you are interested in knowing tech trends in higher education, like where you are, choose the other one.  The guiding questions have been posted in the project page.  Please post your reflection by midnight on March 1.


  • Think about a some sports that are popular in America…and also take some pictures about the sport you choose.  This will be the first topic in our cross-cultural communication project. More details will be provided this Wednesday.


  • Prepare some digital images that can explain who you are to your Taiwanese partners and get them handy for Friday’s class. We will us them to create our own self-introduction in VoiceThread this Friday.

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