E-portfolio Construction

The weather in the past few days was pretty nice.  Hope you all had a great time.

Before we start today’s class, I want to check with you all about several other resources we have as UGA students.
1. We all can download free anti-virus software for both PC and Mac.  Here is the website.
2. We can get most of the software in a student rate.  If you want to buy some software, go to the Software Resource and Services website (SRS).
3. It’s good to have laptop cart, but it also means that you all lose a place to work on your project.  If you really need to use some software that is not free, you can go to Room 228 in Aderhold.

1. If today is your first day in EDIT 2000, please make sure that we talk about the e-portfolio and the reflections before you leave today.  Also, make sure that you complete the student information sheet and have no question about the syllabus.

2. If you miss any classes last week, don’t worry about it.  We will make sure that you catch up with us asap.
3. Email communication with me: 24 hours rule.


Most of you have already created the first two pages in your e-portfolio.  Please keep working on the two pages and make sure they provide the required information.  If you were not here last Wednesday, I will help you create the e-portfolio today.


  • Create the homepage for your e-portfolio
    • Insert images.  The images are about you.
    • List several things that you want to learn in EDIT 2000 this semester.
  • Create an “About Me” page
    • Insert at least one image
    • Include several links to your favorite websites
    • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself


If you finished the first two pages in your e-portfolio, please create an account in Blogger or WordPress.  These two blog host sites provide more user-friendly functions and choices.  You might hear people talking about other blog host sites, but we tried several of them and figured out that these two can met most of needs.

This blog will be used for all the reflection papers and several written assignments in EDIT 2000 this semester.  I expect that you use this blog as a personal record of your growth in learning more about technology integration in personal life and in future classroom.  We will talk about more details about the blog later this semester.  Right now, you just need to create a blog and make it your style.


After you created both your e-portfolio and blog, I need you to submit the links to both sites.  Please complete the following form.


  • Keep thinking about some interesting topics that you want to work on with a certain group of students.
  • Read the first chapter in the book Meaningful Learning.  You can find the article in our shared Dropbox folder.  This will be the reflection due next week.


  • Post your first reflection in your blog.
  • Complete the first two pages in your e-portfolio by Friday (Jan. 18).


  • Your second reflection will be due on Wednesday. Write at least  two paragraphs (with meaningful sentences) to answer the questions: How can technology be used in 21st century classroom?  If you were a school teacher, how would you use technology to enhance your teaching?
  • Submit the links to both your e-portfolio and blog.

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