Get Ready for the Semester

Hm…Life is really unpredictable, right?  I just got an infection after my evening class on Monday and had a fever for two days. Health is really very important!

There are several things we were supposed to do on Wednesday, but I didn’t let Gretchen help me with that due to some differences in her syllabus and my syllabus.  We will go over those things today.  However, before we move on, I need you get in group of three people for the activity we are going to do later.  At least one person in your team needs to have smartphone.  If you are going to use your smartphone for the group, please go to the App store and download the App “SCVNGR”.  It’s a free app.


Do you have any questions about the syllabus?  I will answer all your questions now.

Here are some questions from previous students.

  • Freedom–  The topics of the projects are totally up to you. You can be consistent with one topic throughout the whole semester. you can change from project to project.  You just need my approval for some projects.
  • Video Editing– I try my best to eliminate the portion of video editing.  We have 2 major projects that are related to video editing.  As for other projects, we might still need to do short videos.
  • Late Pass– how can you earn late passes?  There are several ways…Birthday boys and girls can get one.  Good works will help you earn one.  How many can you earn? You can ear as many as possible.  And how many can you use for one project?  You can use no more than two for one project.  However, I forgot to change the date for the last day to use late pass.  I apologize for that.  So please pay attention: the last for late pass is APRIL 5.  That means no late pass for the last project.
  • And one thing I didn’t put in syllabus is about our communication.  I will ask you to provide your primary email account next week.  I use email as a channel to communicate with my students.  However, please email me by 10 PM unless it’s an emergency.  Sometimes my students email me after midnight or in the morning and tell me that they need something for the course projects.  I am sorry that I can’t get it prepared for you in that case.


Thanks Gretchen for helping me the other day.  I am not sure how much you have done with your e-portfolio, but we definitely will keep working on it.

  • Create the homepage for your e-portfolio
    • Insert an image
    • List several things that you want to learn this semester
  • Create an “About Me” page
    • Insert at least one image
    • Include several links to your favorite websites
    • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself

We’re just getting comfortable with the tool – so we’ll mess up a few times – but in a few weeks we won’t remember what is was like to not be able to create webpages. Here’s a link to the Help section for Google Sites if you have questions.

If you are done with this, then you are way much advanced.  If your e-portfolio is still under construction, we will keep working on it next week.  I just need to make sure that I know where you are now.  🙂


This class is about technology, right?  So we are going to try some technology tools once in a while. The tool we are going to try today is a scavenger hunt app.  I will use the images to explain.

IMG_1853        IMG_1854         IMG_1855       IMG_1856         IMG_1857

OK. Are you all ready?  The first team that completed all the 4 challenges and come back to the classroom will earn a late pass.


  • Keep thinking about some interesting topics that you want to work on with a certain group of students.


  • Start to think about the question: How can technology be used in 21st century classroom? This will be due next Wednesday (Jan. 16).


  • If you haven’t got any pictures for your e-portfolio, you should get some during the weekend.
  • Complete your first reflection on your own technology use.  The followings are some guiding questions, but you can come up with your own thoughts.
    • What is technology to you?
    • What is the role of technology in your life?
    • What is your attitude toward technology?
    • What is the purpose for you to use technology?
    • What kind of technology do you use in your daily life?
    • Do you like to try new technology tools? Why?
    • Do you enjoy the life with technology or try to strike a balance between traditional and new ways of life or just want to be traditional?

And because I didn’t come on Wednesday to help you understand more about the first reflection assignment, I will change the due date to Monday (Jan. 14).  Also, since you haven’t set up your blog yet, please save it as a Word document and send it to me at by noon next Monday.  Thanks!

If you have any questions about anything, just feel free to email me.

Have a nice weekend!  And good luck to men and women basketball game this weekend!


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