Semester-End Showcase

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break.  I didn’t get to eat turkey, but it was still very peaceful and nice.

This week, we are going to present your Learning Adventure project.  I want to do it a little bit differently; therefore, I am going to invite all of you to be judges.  The only thing I want to say about it is: be critical.  Constructive opinions will help you grow and improve.  This means that you need to attend the class everyday this week in order to provide opinions to your peers.  🙂

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you add the Learning Adventure site in your e-portfolio, so I will be able to evaluate it.  Thanks!

When we are presenting, we’d love to have some finger food, right?  So I want to ask all of you to sign up for this.  Last semester, we did it in the last of the class since we only had 8 students.  I want to separate you into groups, so we won’t get too much food in a day.  Please sign up here.

Also, last notice about your e-portfolio.  I checked all of your e-portfolio last Saturday.  A few of you have added the part about what you have learned and your suggestion for me to make this class better in the future on your home page.  I appreciate your hard work.  If you haven’t done that, please do it this week.  We are going to have a e-portfolio evaluation as well.  The winner will win a gift card.

Some of you have some issues about assignments…please come to see me after class.  Thanks!


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