Creativity Contract Day 1

I hope you all had a great weekend, especially when Dawgs won the game by 2 points.   If you ran the AthHalf, hope you are recovering from the long run.  If you work on the revision of all your assignment, I highly appreciate your hard work.  And I didn’t finish all the re-check of your revision..I was working on the design of the creativity contract during the weekend.  I will try to get the latest feedback to you by the end of this week.

Creativity Contract

We’re trying something different for the next few days of class. This is my first time to try creativity contract, so please bear with me if there is any thing that doesn’t make sense to you.  My goal is to help you get familiar with what you are interested in and to meet your needs. Please remember, this contract still needs revision which I will finish by Wednesday.  However, you can get a basic idea about what you are going to do for this activity today.

You’ll be using a learning contract to determine what you’ll be working on for the next two weeks.

What is a learning contract?

I’ve mentioned a little bit about learning contract last week.  Let’s take a look at the definition.

“Contract learning is, in essence, an alternative way of structuring a learning experience: It replaces a content plan with a process plan.” Malcolm S Knowles (1991, p.39).

You can find more information about learning contract here.  In short, this is a great opportunity for you to be an active learner, to challenge yourself to walk out of your comfort zone and to think out of the box.  Let’s take a look at the contract and two examples.

All of the resources for the next few days of class are available on the Creativity and Innovation Contract.  Today, we’ll talk a bit about what learning contracts are and how they might benefit learning (and teaching). And I’ll give you a brief overview of each of the projects today and Wednesday.  You can view an exemplary contract from last semester here.   And here’s a really good one from Maymester 2012. (Just keep in mind that requirements and projects differ somewhat each semester.)

One of the most important parts of your contract is the individual documentation you will create for each project. Please keep in mind that your projects will not be graded without documentation. Here is the description of documentation from the Creativity Contract website:

An important part of a learning contract is the documentation of your work: learnings, frustrations, successes, etc. In order to document your progress, you will need to write about your experience with each project. You can record your documentation in many ways: on a blog (feel free to write in your photo blog), in a Word document attached to your Creativity and Innovation page, as a podcast, in a spiral notebook, or any other way you might choose. You will be expected to “post” at least one documentation entry for each project you select.

You will also be expected to include reference(s) to something you read related to the topic of your project. For example, if your project is on brainstorming – you’ll want to spend some time researching the idea of brainstorming and share what you learned within your documentation. Readings can come from popular media, professional trade journals, peer-reviewed articles, etc. Make sure to have a mix of sources and cite your sources (using APA style – we don’t use MLA in the College of Education).


So, where do you go to find these readings? All over the place! You can certainly do a Google search on your topic, but there are some targeted searches you can do that will get you better results.

  • If you explored blogs in the communication project – you might find something on one of the blogs you followed.
  • Edutopia is a wonderful place to read more about K-12 technology-related topics.
  • Galileo is a great place to search a useful edcuational technology journal called “Learning and eading with Technology”. Go to this link (you might need to login if you’re off-campus) and select “Full text available via EBSCO Host Education Research Complete”. When the new window opens, click “New Search” in the top left corner. Type in your search term: creativity, video, games, digital photography, blogging, etc. and in the “Limit your Search” section, type the name of the publication: Learning and Leading with Technology.  Try not to choose any articles more than 3 years old.
  • Mashable is a great place to look for business-related information, specifically related to social media: blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.
  • David Pogue reports on all things technology related in a blog for the New York Times.

You can use the APA Citation Generator to . . . well, generate your citation. Take particular note of the directions the generator gives you in red below some of the text boxes as you enter in information. It will give you hints about punctuation, capitalization, etc.

Remember the due date for the creativity contract is at 11:59 PM on Nov. 5.  If you want to use your late pass for this one, you can submit by the class on Wednesday (Nov. 7).



  • START to think about the big ideas from the document that you want to use for your classroom
  • Think about this question: If you can create a similar document for your school, what will you talk about?


  • Finish reading your document
  • keep working on your social media project.  Make sure you are ACHIEVING the SHORT-TERM GOALS!
  • browse the creativity contract and start to think about what you want to do and raise any question you have when we meet on Wednesday


  • Complete your description for your slowmation project in your e-portfolio (don’t forget to put the link to your video).  This is due at 11:59 pm tonight.

PLAN for the nest two weeks:
Oct. 24– More information about creativity contract
Oct. 26– Time to work in class
Oct. 29– Time to work in class; information about document analysis
Oct. 31– Work Day
Nov. 2 — Work day (for creativity contract and document analysis)



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