Slowmation Project Presentation Day 2

We are going to watch all the slowmation video today.  The five groups are:

Jennifer, Avery and Chris

Shannon, Courtney and Meshell

Annie, Allie and Mandy

Katelyn, Jenna and Kacee

John. P, Kaelyn and John S.

I will still encourage you all to imagine that you are the school teachers who are going to use the video in class.  Pretend that we are your students and ask us to join you.  Try to get us engaged.  🙂

For example, if my video is about the life cycle of a butterfly, maybe I am using this video as a warm-up activity.  So I will say something like:

Hey my dear children, we are going to learn about the life of a butterfly today.  There are several stages of a butterfly’s life. Anyone knows what is the first stage?  Or what is it before a butterfly?  then I will wait for answers.  Then I will say…those are good answers, let’s see whether these are correct.
Or if I am using it as a wrap-up video…I might say something different like:

We have talked about the life of a butterfly.  Can anyone describe the process in your own word for us?  Then I will wait for someone to answer…after several answers, I will say the same thing like “OK…let’s see whether this is correct.”

So there are several ways for you to use the video in class.  Just try to think how will you, the teacher, use it in class.


  • Please make sure you FINISH all the REVISION/ REDO of all the assignment, except for slowmation project by 11:59 PM tonight.  After that, all assignment will be counted as late assignment or missing assignment.
  • One tricky thing about your assignment is that some of your pages are public when you show it to me in class…but I can’t see it when I get home.  So if that’s the case, make sure that you are not saving it in your laptop only…make sure that you have already made everything public.  If I can’t see it after tonight, the assignment will be counted as missing assignment and you get zero point.
  • I only get one person who sent me the links of her social media.  If you are talking about FB, LinkedIn, Twitter…those social media that needs me to befriend with you, then please send me a friend request or the link…so that I can see your short-term goals.
  • Make sure you are doing your short-term goals for the social media project.
  • Finish your reading about the document you choose.  You are going to write something about it in two weeks.
  • If I didn’t ask you to rewrite your goals for social media project, but you change them because you feel that you are too ambitious and need to cut down some goals…please send me an email and let me know.  Thanks!
  • Again, any question, just email me or call me.  I’d love to help.

Have a nice weekend!



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