Slowmation Presentation Day 1

Today we are going to have three groups presenting their slowmation project.  Please remember:
We are your students today.  So before you start, please tell us how old we are, what content area it is, and what is the topic.  You can use the slowmation video as a warm-up activity or a wrap-up activity or just a video to show what you want to teach…You and your group members are the teachers…so try to think like a teacher.
Grade Updates: Each of you should have an invitation from Google to ask you to check your gradebook.  If there is any problem, please let me know.


  • Get ready to present if you haven’t
  • Finish all the revision and what you have missed so far…after 11:59 PM Friday, you will lose points for the late assignment.  Also, it depends on what I can see, not what you can see.  Because I can’t have access to some of your pages…if that is the problem, you need to fix it.  We have talked about this for a long time…and now it’s your responsibility to fix these problems.
  • Keep working on your short-term goals…some of you mentioned the goals for tumblr, but I haven’t seen anything up in your tumblr yet.
  • If your social media are FB, Pinterest, Twitter…please share your account with me or send me the link to your board so that I can see your short-term goals.

Thanks for your patience and cooperation!




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