Slowmation Day 1

Today we will make the props and take pictures for your slowmation project.  As I mentioned in the email, I hope you all get your storyboard prepared.  So, here is what I suggest:

The first part of the class is to make your props, finish up your script, and organize whatever is needed for filming.  If you have already done that, you can move into the next step.  If you haven’t done that, please take this opportunity to make all the props you need.

Before you take the footage, let’s look at another two examples.  It’s really amazing!

Josh Ritter- Love Is Making Its Way Back Home (over 12,000 pieces of construction paper)

2011 NPUST HR Farewell Video : 3 Idiots  (2,212 pictures)


For the second part, we’ll take pictures (you’ll want somewhere between 80 and 100 or more pictures) today – that’s the goal. If you get any further than that, great! But don’t rush creativity!!!

You can use a camera to take the footage.  However, if you don’t want to use a regular camera, you can use your phone – you just want have a tripod.  You’ll also want to bring in connecting cords so that you can download your pictures to a computer. It is best if someone in your group has a Mac laptop that can be used for the project.  You can use dropbox to transfer pictures from your phone to a laptop but it takes a lot longer than just using the USB cable (unless you use iCloud).



  • START to think about the big ideas that you want to use for your classroom
  • Think about this question: If you can create a similar document for your school, what will you talk about?
  • Thinking about the answers to the following questions related to your slowmation project:
  1. Which grade level?
  2. What is the subject?
  3. What is the Georgia Performance Standard that you are using to create this instructional video?
  4. How might this video help students to understand the concept?
  5. How are you going to evaluate the students’ understanding?
  6. What are the difficulties that you have encountered in this project?
  7. Do you like this project? Why or why not?
  8. Do you think this idea is good for students’ creativity development?
  9. How can we improve this project?
  10. What are the merits and pitfalls of this kind of project?
  11. Find a resource online that talks about the merits of student-generated educational videos.  Talk about how you agree and/or disagree with the resource you located.


  • finish reading your document already
  • keep working on your social media project.


  • keep working on your slowmation project

Grade Update:

I am working hard for grading this week.  My goal is to finish all the grading by next Monday.  I will keep you all updated with this.  I changed my grading system…so each of you will get a link related to your grades when I am done with yours.  Hope this will be more efficient!  Thanks for your patience all the time!


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