Creativity and Innovation–Day 6


The slowmation project is very similar to digital storytelling.  What is a story?  A story has the introduction, the climax and the end.  So, what you need to know is storyboarding.  Think about the plots.  This website, kdmc, can give you some rough ideas about storyboarding.  Or the digital storytelling website hosted by University of Houston can also give you some ideas. I am also giving you a copy of the storyboard from the Center of Digital Storytelling.

For the Slowmation project, the story is usually about one minute.  To make that 1-minute story, you probably need 150 photos…because you may not get perfect images all the time.

Also, remember what we talk about the copyright issue.  If you want to use some background music, make sure that you are not breaking the rule.

Now get to your partner and talk about these things.

1. Come up with an idea for your video (make sure it matches a Georgia Performance Standard) The best topics are ones that show cycles, systems, formulas, strategies, processes, etc.
2. Plan your storyboard.
3. Decide what props and equipment you’ll need.

You can keep working on these tasks on Monday.  Therefore, we are not meeting next Monday.  You need to have your storyboard and the materials ready by next Wednesday.

Here are what you need on Wednesday:

Materials you need:

1. a camera in each group (make sure the battery is not dead!)
2. a tripod (maybe)  (If you need, you can check it out from OIT on the second floor)
3. materials to make your set-up
4. your storyboard

Then we can spend time taking pictures in class.  You probably want to find a quiet place to we will see how far we get and then we can decide when and where you want to record and when we can come back to the lab to edit the video.  Remember what Ron said:  It’s a repetitive process and might be very time-consuming…Get prepared!



  • START to think about the big ideas that you want to use for your classroom
  • Think about this question: If you can create a similar document for your school, what will you talk about?


  • finish reading your document already
  • keep working on your social media project.


  • get prepared for the slowmation project (tools, materials, storyboard)

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