Creativity and Innovation–Day 5

Hope you all have played with either iMovie or Movie Maker a little bit.  Please do spend sometime this week to get yourself familiar with the tool.  Otherwise, you will have a big trouble for this project.  This project is very time-consuming…and I bet you don’t want to waste extra time on how to use the tool.

OK.  Today we are going to talk about a serious issue– Copyright.  What do you know about it?  How is this related to your daily life?


The photo you take, the video you make, your e-portfolio and photoblog…all these things are like your babies.  You spend a lot of time and energy in, right?  Think about other products that we are using in our daily life now.  Do you respect the copyright?  Do you know anything about plagiarism?  How will you think if you find out others using your products or assignment without telling you?  Have you ever downloaded songs, movies or other media products illegally?  Do you buy the software?  Do you copy and paste texts from the websites to your papers?  There are so many things that can break the rules.  Let’s read this section on copyright.  Why do you think these concerns are especially important in the 21st century?  Let’s watch the two videos.



Here are some more resources related to this topic.

A Fair(y) Use Tale: A witty video on YouTube that shows the extreme of fair use using Disney movies fairly.

Creative Commons: How to license your work and find resources that you can use with permission

Google Advance Image Search: Where you can find images to use with permission Where you can find whether you break the rule of plagiarism  Similar to Turnitin, but free


One of the creativity and Innovation projects is the creation of Slowmation.  It’s very similar to digital stories.  We are going to try VoiceThread for the Communication with Taiwanese project.  For this Slowmation project, we are going to use another software named SAM Animation.

Slowmation is a project developed by Professor Garry Hoban at University of Wollongong in Australia.  Let’s watch some examples.

Dinosaurs– My favorite one…Can you believe that this was created by a four-year-old?

Using Technology to Communicate– Something fit in our course.

Pythagorean Theorem– created by EDIT 2000 students last May.  This is a 3D animation.  Great idea and set up..but the sound is a little fuzzy.

Shapes– Another EDIT 2000 students’ project.  A 2D animation.

The slowmation project is very similar to digital storytelling.  What is a story?  A story has the introduction, the climax and the end.  So, what you need to know is storyboarding.  Think about the plots.  This website, kdmc, can give you some rough ideas about storyboarding.  Or the digital storytelling website hosted by University of Houston can also give you some ideas.  For the Slowmation project, the story is usually about one minute.  To make that 1-minute story, you probably need 150 photos…because you may not get perfect images all the time.

Also, remember what we talk about the copyright issue.  If you want to use some background music, make sure that you are not breaking the rule.

We will talk more about the project this Friday, so now…



  • Keep reading your document and START to think about the big ideas that you want to use for your classroom
  • Think about this question: If you can create a similar document for your school, what will you talk about?
  • Read or watch one of the resources related to copyright, fairuse and plagiarism


  • keep working on your social media project.


  • find a partner and think about a topic that you want to work on for your slowmation project. It can be any topic for K-12 students.  For example, a life cycle of a caterpillar.  You use this video to teach science in elementary school.



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