Creativity and Innovation– Day 3

It’s our honor to have Ron with us today.  He is the technology specialist in the College of Education.  He is going to teach us how to use iMovie and Movie Maker today and next Monday.  I believe that we will benefit from this!  Now, I will just let Ron take it over.



  • Keep reading your document and START to think about the big ideas that you want to use for your classroom
  • Think about this question: If you can create a similar document for your school, what will you talk about?
  • Read or watch one of the resources related to copyright, fairuse and plagiarism
  • think about a topic that you want to work on for your digital storytelling or slowmation project. It can be any topic for K-12 students.  For example, a life cycle of a caterpillar.  You use this video to teach science in elementary school.


  • keep working on your social media project.
  • try something creative this week


  • watch the video clip you are assigned and write your reflection in your photo blog.  This is due at 11:59 next Monday.



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