Wrap-up for the Foundation

How was your Labor Day weekend?  Any one did something crazy/ interesting/ bad?  Want to share with us?  I checked out a book about the history of Uga from the public library…however, I am still on the first page.  😦

OK…I know I owe some birthday girls late pass.  Here they are.  🙂

Erin          03/18
Meshell    08/08
Avery        04/06
Jenna        09/12
Jenn          09/22
Allie           03/04


Get into a group of 3 and share your big idea from chapter 1 in our reading.  Then we will talk about it as a big group.


Hope you all have finished creating your dream classroom by using Floorplan.  Let’s talk about the tool itself first.  How do you like this too?  Is it a good tool?  Any difficulty or problem you have while working on your project?

Now let’s talk about your learning environment with others.  What did you include in your classroom? What is the most important feature of your design?

Get into a group of three.  Try to work with someone who you are not familiar with…  Then share your dream classroom with your friends.  Each group choose the best one and present to the whole class.  Then we are going to vote for the best two.  People in the two groups can win a late pass.  If you think yours is also good, you can show your dream class to the whole class and we will decide whether you can earn a late pass as well.


There are so many things I want you to know about teaching in K12 learning environments. Each of you is from a different background, has different interests, and different motivations for learning — a lot like the students you will teach.  Sadly, we don’t have time to talk about all these things in EDIT 2000.  Therefore, I want to challenge you all to complete the “Teacher Boot Camp”.  In small groups of 4 or 5 – complete three pages  on our Boot Camp website. You’ll need to complete the handout as you work through each page – you can fill out one form per group.  After your team complete the task, one of your teammates MUST PRINT out the discussion result and turn it to me this Friday.

(If you missed class today – you’ll need to complete at least 3 of the 5 pages on the website ON YOUR OWN.)


  1. “Creating a Learning Environment” page in your e-portfolio is due at 11:59 PM tonight.
  2. Complete the Teacher Boot Camp Worksheet and turn in the print-out on Friday.
  3. Keep reading the document you choose.

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