Who, What and Where Do You Teach? Day 3

We have talked about 21st century learners, teachers and different standards in the past three class periods.  How do you feel?  Do you think teaching is a big challenge?  What is the most challenging part to you?  To know your learners?  To adopt TPACK model in your class?  To choose appropriate tools?  Or to meet the standards?  Can any of you share one thing that you think of as the biggest challenge to you right now?



However, I also think teaching can be an art.  Imagine that you are playing with the play-doh.  Teaching can be like that.  You can make it more effective and pleasant, right?  Learning environment is one thing that teachers can play with and thus maybe motivate and engage your learners more.  Before we talk about how to create your ideal learning environment, think about the role of technology in our life again.  Does technology change your room setting?  Let’s take a look at this interactive Home Technology Environment.

Does this give you some idea about what you can add in your learning environment?  If not, let’s take another look at the classrooms pinned by Ms. Thomas in her Pinterest.

Let’s create our own now.

The tool we are using is called Floorplanner (you are welcome to use another tool if you have one available) to sketch what our ideal learning environment [classroom] will look like. Once you’ve created an account, complete the 12-step tutorial to help you learn more about how to use the tool. Keep in mind that the free version of the tool will only allow you to create ONE floorplan. After creating your ideal learning environment, create a screen shot of the image and insert it into your portfolio.

After creating your classroom layout, use these directions (or scan the QR code below) to create a screen shot of it (you can’t use the “create an image” option on Floorplanner because we’re using the free version) and we will insert the image onto your “Learning Environment” webpage later.

Once you finish designing your dream classroom and taking a screenshot, you need to go back to your e-portfolio and create a new page and name it “Creating a Learning Environment”.

On your “Creating a Learning Environment” page, you should:

  1. insert the image of your learning environment
  2. have a paragraph that describes why you chose the design
  3. identify highlights of the room
  4. explain how the design reflects the needs of the learners and of the curriculum.
  5. give a sense of what it would be like to spend time in your classroom.
  6. describe  your students and yourself (their teacher).

The page should be 3-4 paragraphs in length. For an example of this assignment, see Sarah’s Portfolio.


  1. We are not meeting in the lab this Friday.  Keep working on your Floorplan.  The final product will be the description and the screenshot on the “Creating a Learning Environment” page in your e-portfolio.  This is due at 11:59 PM next Monday (Sep. 3).
  2. The reflection to Meaningful Learning chapter in your photo blog is due at 11:59 PM this Friday (Aug. 31).  I will check before I go to volunteer in the football game on Saturday.  Make sure that you submit before 8 AM on Saturday.  If you want to use a late pass, you need to email me before the deadline and submit the late pass next Monday.
  3. Keep reading the document you choose.
  4. Try to do sun fun things or something new and share with us next Monday.
  5. Any question?  Email me.  If you have no question, have a nice Labor Day weekend!

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