Creating Your e-Portfolio


  1. If you decide to stay in this class and haven’t complete the student information sheet, please complete it before 12 pm this Sunday (Aug. 19).  I want to share the data with the class next Monday.
  2. Email communication with me:  24 hours.  If you don’t get any feedback from me after you send me an email after 24 hours, there might be something wrong.  Please email me again if that is the case.  I will respond to you even if it is just one word saying “received”.
  3. Photo Blogging Site Address: You need to have a personal photo blog web address and start to work on the first post this weekend.


You should have your photo blog site address ready at this moment.  Therefore, we need to work on our first blog post.  However, let’s make sure we all understand what photo blogging is.  In general definition, photo blogging means that the focus of your blog post is on the images rather than the texts.  We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words, but how you can express yourself through the images is not an easy task.  In the technology era, there is an important concept we try to teach the next generation is how they can use different modes to represent themselves and get their ideas and thoughts conveyed.  Therefore, we are going to learn this together.

For the photo blogging assignment, there are basically two types of posts.

  • The first type of photo blogging posts in this class is your reflections about the reading materials and the assignments.  We will have more concrete description about this when we have the tasks.  Right now, I can only use the first post to explain this type of post.  The first post is about your learning story.  You need to write a story about a time you learned how to do something: ride a bike, use chopsticks, play an instrument or even iron a shirt, etc.  It could be something you learned 10 years ago or just last week. Give me context (how old where you, where were you, etc.), why were you learning this (choice, necessity, etc.), who taught you (self, a family member, etc.), and how did you learn (reading, practicing, etc.). This is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, August 22.
  • The second type of photo blogging posts in this class is your observation about the technology in your life.  You can take photos about how people use technology in daily life.  Or you can talk about your favorite technology tool or practice.  The topics can be very different and you have the freedom to write anything you would like to share with us.  The minimum is one image and one paragraph.  This type of posts need to be done in the weeks when we don’t have any reflections or assignments.  If that is the week, you need to have one post and reflect on one classmate’s post.  We will have much clearer idea when the time comes.

Here is my photo blogging site.  I’ve completed the first post for your reference.


Even if you don’t have a website, you probably already have an online presence – through Facebook, Twitter, etc. As a learner in the 21st century – it is important for you to know how to create your own website. We’ll be working on this project, the e-portfolio, throughout the semester. Today, we’ll build the structure of your site, create an introduction page, and write your autobiography page. You’ll be using your website throughout the semester to store, display, and reflect upon course projects and readings.

Google Sites is like a combination website, blog, and wiki all rolled into one. We’ll be using it for all three functions. You’re going to be really amazed at what you can create without knowing anything about HTML code!


Justine’s Class Project Site

Thomas Lay After-School Program

K-12 Classroom Website

Sample EDIT 2000 e-Portfolio

Another Sample EDIT 2000 e-Portfolio


We are going to use Google Site as the main tool to complete this project.  Therefore, you need to have the Gmail account.  If you have one, please go to to log in. If you haven’t got one yet, please go to to create one.

  • Create the homepage for your e-portfolio
    • Insert images.  The images are about you.
    • List several things that you want to learn this semester at this moment.
  • Create an “About Me” page
    • Insert at least one image
    • Include several links to your favorite websites
    • Write 2-3 paragraphs about yourself

We’re just getting comfortable with the tool – so we’ll mess up a few times – but in a few weeks we won’t remember what is was like to not be able to create webpages. Here’s a link to the Help section for Google Sites if you have questions.


Please complete this form, so I can have access to your websites and make it public to your peers.


  1. Keep working on your e-portfolio.  If you need some images for your e-portfolio, try to get them uploaded during the weekend.
  2. Keep working on your first post of your photo blogging.  The first post is due next Wednesday (Aug. 22).
  3. Please complete the student information sheet and the form in which you included the links to your e-portfolio and photo blogging site by noon this Sunday (Aug. 19).
  4. You will receive an invitation from Dropbox either tonight or during this weekend.  If you already have a Dropbox account, just ignore it.  If you don’t, please accept my invitation and then create an account.  You need to have the Dropbox account ready before we meet next week. Thanks!
  5. Any other question?  Email me.  Have a nice weekend!

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